Get Organized

 Each BIZ Organizer Package includes:

  • Your On-Site Strategy Consultation.
  • Analysis of your current systems to determine what’s working, what’s not working, and best remedies.
  • Assessment of each aspect of your overall organizing project.
  • Measurements taken to ascertain the storage solutions and space usage adjustments that are required.
  • ‘Before’ photos taken (if desired).
  • Customized Action Plan tailored to your unique needs.
  • The essential number of hours / sessions of hands-on organizing and de-cluttering vital to accomplishing your goals.


 For SMALLER Organizing Projects               

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Paper Purge HOUR

One Hour of focused high energy purging to jump into those piles of paper you have been avoiding. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished in one hour.


Whether you are ready to jump start a larger project or get a smaller one handled once and for all, the CATALYST Package offers up to 5 hours of systematic de-cluttering and organizing to give you a sense of accomplishment and relief.


For LARGER Organizing Projects

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Are you ready to breathe new life into your home office or overhaul your clothing storage?  The ENERGIZE Package allows us to transform multiple areas of any space utilizing up to 9 hours of hands on de-cluttering and organizing.  

THRIVE Package

Things have gotten out of hand. Stress and overwhelm are starting to wear you down. Every time you look at or think about those chaotic spaces you feel stuck. Regain control of your environment AND sanity with The THRIVE Package. A full 13 hours of hands on de-cluttering and organizing will re-ignite your sense of accomplishment and success.


Would you like to finally experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, clarity, and organized harmony in your business and / or personal life?  A total transformation of your most challenging organization projects is what the 20 hours of hands on de-cluttering and organizing included in the ULTIMATE HARMONY Package can help you achieve.




Organize & FLOW Maintenance Plan

Maintain the balance and serenity of being truly organized with scheduled Maintenance “Tune-ups”.  Preserve the peace of mind, confidence, and productivity you’ve achieved by working with The BIZ Organizer. The ORGANIZE & FLOW Maintenance Plan offers bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual organizing sessions to keep you on track and moving forward with ease.